"Stand-alone" Open Rails Installation

The Manning River Breakwall railway can be installed and run using the Open Rails (OR) railway simulator. It does not require MicroSoft Train Simulator (MSTS) to be installed on your computer. The following method is recommended for users only, who do not have MSTS already installed.

Note: No responsibility is accepted for any damage done to your computer. This install is done at your risk.

It should also be noted that the installation of other routes, following these instructions, may or may not be succsessful, as they may be missing key files necessary for the Route or correct operation of Rolling Stock.

Base Software Required

Train Simulator Content Required

Open Rails Software Required

Additional Activities

Open Rails Command Keys

If you would like to provide any feedback in regard to these instructions, please contact me through the contact page.

Base Software Required

This software must be installed on your computer first. Check and install software as required.

Step 1 - Download and install DirectX 9c or higher.

Step 2 - Download and install NET Framework 3.5 SP 1

Step 3 - Download and install XNA Framework 3.1


Train Simulator Content Required

Step 4 - Download and install Manning River Breakwall Railway Route

Note: This installation file is set up to install into a folder structure similar to MSTS, you will need to create an appropriate folder structure to hold all relevant OR content and files. The folder structure is << C:\Open Rails Train Simulator >>. Copy ("Ctrl-C") this path code and then paste ("Ctrl-V") it into the following steps wherever you are requested to enter a folder path name.

Step 5 - Download and install Newroads v4.0 for End-Users - select "Standard", and install in << Open Rails Train Simulator >> folder.

Step 6 - Download and install Xtracks v3.20 for End-Users, in << Open Rails Train Simulator >> folder. The exe file may not work unless MSTS is installed. You may need to download zip version (xtracksf.zip), unzip and extract the << Global >> folder into the << Open Rails Train Simulator >> folder.

Step 7 - Download and install NSWGR Buffer Extras (NB: When installing into OR only instance, the batch file may indicate an error. This is ok and should still allow OR to operate)

Step 8 - Download and install NSWGR Locomotive Smoke Extras

Step 9 - Download and install Manning River Breakwall Railway Tram

Step 10 - Download and install Manning River Breakwall Railway Wagons

Step 11 - Download and install soundsets for NSW 4 Wheel Coal Wagon Sounds

Step 12 - Download and install 2 Cyclinder Sound Set (Steam) to provide appropriate sounds for your locomotive (see Manning River Breakwall Tram Rolling Stock readme).

Step 13 - Download and install UK Whistles Pack to provide appropriate sounds for your locomotive (see Craven Timber Rolling Stock loco readme).

Step 14 - Download and install OR Dummy Sound file (this is a dummy wav file to enable OR to operate.


Open Rails Software Required

Step 15 - Download the latest version of Open Rails - "Ready to Run" Program.

Step 16 - Unzip Open Rails files and copy into << Open Rails Train Simulator\Program Files >> folder.

Step 17 - Run Open Rails Train Simulator and select "Add" under Options => Folders, then browse and select << C:\Open Rails Train Simulator >> folder, name the folder "Open Rails". Manning River Breakwall railway comes with a default activity using the Tram as default. Provided you have followed all the above steps, you should be able to run the Default activity and see the route.

You can then select routes and activities as desired. Refer to detailed Open Rails Operational Manual for more information.

In OR, you will be able to select different activities, paths and consists, but not be able to create them at the moment as only access to MSTS will enable you to build new activities and paths.

You could create or midify consists if you wish to change the train composition for an activity by usinfg the Consist Editor function of Route Riter


Additional Activities

Once you have run the default activity, you might like to run some of the other activities for Manning River Breakwall, to do this you will need to:

Download and install the Activity that you want, make sure that you read the readme file.

Note: Some of the activities may require additional stock, so check the readme.


Basic Open Rails Command Keys

Camera Controls

Move the camera with the arrow keys, or hold right click and move mouse to rotate camera

  • 1 - cab ( simulated for now ) - left and right arrows shift position
  • 2 - front of train
  • 3 - rear of train
  • 5 - passenger view
  • 6 - brakeman view - home and end move to front and back of train
  • 8 - free camera
  • ALT + ENTER - toggles fullscreen on and off
Basic Train Controls

To operate the train, use the following keys (for more controls and details, refer to Open Rails documentation):

  • W - Forward
  • S - Reverse
  • D - Increase Throttle
  • A - Decrease Throttle
  • (quotation mark) - Apply Train brakes
  • ; (semi-colon) - Release Train brakes
  • [ (Left Bracket) - Apply Engine brakes
  • ] (Right Bracket) - Release Engine brakes
  • G - Change turnout (point) - AHEAD of Direction
  • SHIFT + G - Change turnout (point) - BEHIND Direction
  • X - Sander On/Off
  • Press & Hold 'U' Key and mouse click on coupler - Coupling/Uncoupling
  • H - Press key to move to Dim, then Bright - Engine Lighting - Off, Dim, Bright
  • Ctrl + H; Press key to move to Dim, then Off - Engine Lighting - Bright, Dim, Off
Basic Information Views

To view relevant information, use the following keys (for more details, refer to Open Rails documentation):

  • 0 - Compass
  • F1 - Information Monitor - this provides a detailed list of key commands.
  • F4 - Track Monitor
  • F8 - Switch Monitor
  • F9 - Train Operations Monitor
  • F10 - Activity Monitor